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´╗┐The Use of Emotional Intelligence in Student Retention


Meeting the higher demands on studying doesn't end with innate mental intelligence. It also requires the various abilities that a person may posses. For one, emotional intelligence largely contributes to a person's ability to cope up with the present trends.

While there may not be a direct link between a student's retention capacity and his emotional intelligence, it is still agreeable that students equipped with the proper level of emotional intelligence are more likely to succeed academically than those who have relatively high IQ yet lack EQ.

Having higher emotional intelligence would provide better coping mechanisms for students. Emotional intelligence is said to be a better determining factor when qualifying the success of a person at any field.

Being emotionally intelligent means that one has the greater capacity to understand himself and the world at which he lives in. It may not be emotional intelligence that would encourage a student to have more focus on the subject matter which in turn would help him retain information. Yet knowing the importance of focus may be learned through having a suitable emotional intelligence.

Emotionally intelligent students are likely to show confidence and self trust. They are also said to have the higher capacity to handle problems more easily and to perform better in terms of academics, given that they are also endowed with an ideal level of intellect. All these, when combined will contribute to a person's self-belief and confidence that will move him to perform better in class.

We should not focus on the student retention alone. There are various factors that must be considered to help determine the extent of value multiple intelligence has in academic pursuits of students. Say for communication among students and working in groups. Those who have higher emotional intelligence are seen to perform better in these parts since they have developed empathy and a number of other social skills.

Emotionally intelligent students are basically those who have natural tendencies to understand other people's emotions and to empathize with them, they are also those who know themselves fully and have the capability to influence other people's emotions and actions. Students equipped with higher emotional intelligence also have the tendency to be a bit more conscious of themselves and others. Thus, they create better relationships with themselves and with those they are closely related to. These among with other issues, when inept may cause obstructions in learning and thus, in retaining students.

Many may view economy as the bane of student retention but what we normally overlook is the incapacities students may present in academic pursuits.

Those who are deficient in emotional intelligence are observed to display behaviors that would link to their exit from higher education, more specifically college. They are those who were not able to tide the increasing pressure of quitting college. There are various stimuli that would eventually lead to the drop out of a student. If we were to sum them up though, we would find that the majority of them are all rooted from lack of emotional intelligence.

Many drop out from college due to failing grades or in the case of ladies, due to pregnancy. If we were to look at this two conditions, it would be easy to conclude that they may actually have stemmed out from deficient EQ.

Therefore, it is not only in personal lives that developing EQ is productive. The cumulative value of which in a four-year institution will be a good determinant of its failure or success.

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